The Purposeful Entrepreneur

Grow a successful business on purpose

I will help you build a profitable business without burning out, draining your bank accounts or bankrupting your life.

What is the best way to build a successful business?

It’s personal.

Not everybody loves candy (I do!).

We each have different tastes when it comes to food and how we define a successful business.

The perfect recipe is also a little different for each of us.

Too often we try to squeeze into somebody else’s ideas, processes, frameworks or follow somebody else’s path.

Sure, success is not necessarily a perfectly definable destination, but when you find yours, things fall into alignment and flow.

Plus, you’ll find yourself feeling better about yourself, your business and your life.


No two businesses or entrepreneurs are the same, nor is what they need.

That’s why everything starts with you and your business.

I create holistic, creative and custom solutions for serious business builders.



There are too many people who go broke, burn out or lose relationships while trying to build a business following a path built for somebody else.

Experience, and expertise with a dash of humour and an uncanny ability to create clarity and inspire.

Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be with:

Hi. I’m Mariana.

The Purposeful Entrepreneur sprouted from my deep desire to help people like you create success that includes a business that you LOVE to be in.

For over 20 years I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and business owners go from meh to heck-yeah.

I’m passionate about family, nature, books and coffee. Did I mention coffee?

A few places I’ve been seen and heard:

Your expertise and knowledge have helped us get a better understanding of our business and how we can grow.

Heather Quist

Co-Founder, URBN Cowork

Mariana sees what’s going on from every angle…and has a way of adding humor to make the task feel easier (like…why did I think this was so hard?) 😉

Christine Laureano

Copywriter & Marketing Strategist, Ba6 Marketing

What is a business strategist?

A business strategist or business strategy consultant offers an outside, expert perspective on your business challenges and identifies opportunities for growth.

Do you want a business that’s puttering along or one that’s motoring? 

Why you need a business strategy

Okay, I appreciate that is probably not shocking that a strategist is suggesting you need a business strategy is essential, but here’s the why.

A business strategy is like a GPS for your business.

It helps lock in your destination (successful business), provides the route and the guidance to get you there, plus helps you avoid detours, deadends and tourist traps.

* Strategy may sound a little dry and boring, but one of my super-powers is making it accessible, light and fun.

Ready to drive your business forward?

If you are kneedeep in doing the work, serving clients, plus wearing all the hats, things can get messy.

That’s why it’s important to define success, strategically map out how to achieve it and keep your eye on the prize.

Then you can run your own race and set yourself up for the win.

When you pair strategy with consistent aligned action, you are unstoppable. 💥

If you are ready to stop spinning your wheels and get growing already, you’re in the right place.


People talk about brain fog often, but business fog is also a thing.

It’s that heavy feeling of not knowing if what you’re doing is having an impact or moving you in the right direction.

Looking at your business through the clear lens of strategy is the cure for overwhelm and a lack of focus.


In the beginning, our paths are less like an arrow and more like a ping-pong ball.

With time, your path ought to be less willy-nilly and more direct.

Clearly defining where you’re taking your business informs everything you do along the way.

A solid strategy provides the roadmap that keeps you on your path to success.


Stagnation or hitting a wall in business growth happens to most of us.

Tactics, formulas and “best practices” will only take you so far.

Consistently making strides with intentional actions aligned with your business goals, won’t just get you going, it’ll get your business growing.

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