Action Hero Society

Turn Intention into Action

Wondering when you’re going to have time to work on your stuff?

Frustrated by constantly bumping your business to-dos down the list week after week?

Doubting you’ll ever find the time to get things done?

Balancing business poop.

I see you, and I hear you because you aren’t the only one who…

Wants to build your business to give you more freedom and flexibility.

Feels like you spend all your time working in your business instead of on your business.

Struggles to find the time to dedicate to work on your business.

Is tired of feeling like you’re stuck and not making the progress.

But You’re Determined to Keep Going

You’re ready to apply the same energy and determination you use for your clients to grow your business. You know that with the support, solid strategies and dedicated chunks of time, success is right around the corner.


Introducing The Action Hero Society

Group of kids dressed as action hero.

Bring out your business action-hero self.

Join a group of motivated business owners going from to-do >> done.

Completion is the thing that I see so many business owners struggle with.

Not the completion of client work. You’re a professional so I know you get that done.

I’m talking about the unfinished items for your business.

It’s time to carve out the time, come together and enjoy the sweet taste of successfully getting stuff done.


    The Action Hero Society will help you take your business “plan to do” to “done” with purposeful progress.

    Small girl dressed as a business action hero.

    You’re Working Hard In Your Business (AKA Client Work), But Working On Your Business Isn’t Happening. Ouch!

    • You’re helping your clients move their businesses forward while yours is at a standstill.
    • You can sometimes squeeze in a bit of time to work on your business, but it’s sporadic.
    • You have an idea, offer or project that you really want to do, but it seems permanently stuck on your to-do list.

    Imagine If You Were a Business Action Hero

    • What will it feel like when you confidently take intentional action in your business that moves you closer to your bigger vision of success?
    • Imagine ditching the icky feelings you’re carrying around about your business for the sweet feeling of progress and results.
    • How will it feel when you no longer feel frustrated and stuck?
    • Imagine what your days will be like when you aren’t bogged down by the heaviness of all your business to-dos.
    • What will be possible for you when consistently work on your business?

    “It was like putting the right prescription glasses on. The whole picture was brighter and sharper.”

    ~ Licia

    Be a Business Action Hero Making Consistent Progress Toward a Profitable & Sustainable Business You Love 💖

    Join The Action Hero Society

    Create movement in your business with purposeful action in a supportive group environment that’s distraction-free.


    Weekly Action Hour (60 min Zoom coworking call) so that you have dedicated time carved out weekly to work on your business without working alone.


    Monthly Hero Huddle, a group call so that you have access to ongoing support and strategy.


    Hall of Heroes so that you can connect with other business builders.


    Bonus Quarterly Planning Party so that you can keep taking consistent action to grow your business.


    Distraction-Free environment so that you can focus on doing the things to move your business forward.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Choose a payment option​

    Pay in full for each quarter (3-months), or be choose the monthly option. Once you choose your payment plan you’ll be redirected to the secure checkout page.

    2. Schedule your Action Hero fitting call.

    I’m dedicated to ensuring that everyone who joins the society is a good fit to ensure a supportive and inclusive environment. Plus, it’s also a chance for me to welcome you into the Action Hero Society.

    3. You will receive an email with all the details.

    Once I have welcomed you, you’ll receive an email with the details on the coworking and group calls, plus how to make the most of them. Then I’ll see you on the next coworking call.

    Join as an Action Hero Society Founding Member and enjoy this preferred rate FOREVER.

    Wanna know a secret? Action Hero Society officially opening up on September 1st, but you can apply for a spot now.



    Price includes GST for Canadian customers.



    Price includes GST for Canadian customers.

    This Founders pricing is only available until September 30, 2021.

    Join Risk-Free

    Show up LIVE and participate.

    If after the end of your first month, you feel as though The Action Hero Club isn’t helping you to make progress and get 💩 done, I will happily refund your money in full.

    No questions asked. Just email me.

    This is my guarantee to you.

    “Crazy growth and momentum.”

    I was so tired of spending all my time on client work, and never seeing any momentum because I didn’t have the time or energy to work on my business. That’s all been changing thanks to Mariana. Seriously, if I ever wrote the Universe a thank-you letter, it would be for Mariana. She has this incredible ability to spot opportunities for growth that I’ve never seen in anyone else. And the best part is, once you commit to doing something, she makes sure you get it done. There is literally only one outcome you can have when you work with Mariana: Crazy growth and momentum.


    Founder, The Scribesmith

    Here’s what you’ll do:

    Poop in a group.

    Get yourself organized so that you can show us focused and ready to take action.

    Man working on his business.

    Come to the coworking calls so that you can use the dedicated time to make progress in your business.

    Woman on group support call.

    Show up to the monthly group calls so that you can get support, keep going and keep growing.

    Mariana at computer helping with productivity.

    Here’s how I’ll support you:

    • Weekly Zoom coworking calls so that you dedicated time to work on your business without working alone.
    • Monthly group call with strategic support to keep you moving forward with the chance to connect with your fellow action heroes.
    • The Hall of Heros directory of all the amazing action heroes in Action Hero Society.
    • Bonus Quarterly Planning Party to help you reflect and realign.

    Accountability and Strategic Support Are Progress Rocket Fuel 🚀

    Hi, I’m Mariana.

    There are a lot of courses, downloads, programs, planners, and webinars that you could choose, so why join me?

    Great question.

    I’m a coffee-fuelled, big-hearted success strategist.

    And loving butt-kicker.

    Time for a little tough love.

    You could do it on your own, but I’m going to guess that isn’t the case since you’re reading this.

    I have a reputation for helping people just like you gain momentum and make progress.

    I am known for dropping puns and creating analogies on the fly.

    It’s time to stop getting stuck in all the things you COULD be doing and focus on what will get you growing.

    Get the stuff done that will grow your business.

    “…create a clear plan of action.”

    I’m the classic overworking, overgiver who always puts her own business plans last . . . well, at least until I started working with Mariana! The best thing about working with her is that Mariana has a way of seeing how you’re getting in your own way and helping you create a clear plan of action. She can sift through your ideas and cull the best ones. Mariana also helps me stay accountable to the things I say I’ll do. She truly acts like a partner in your business. If you’re looking to make your business a priority (and yourself), you have to work with Mariana!

    Linda Perry

    Master Mindset Coach

    What Are You Waiting For?

    At this point, I’ve given you all the information I have to help you decide if Action Hero Society is the right next step for you.

    If not now, then when?

    I’m betting you’ve been “trying” to find the time to work on your stuff for a while.

    Here’s the truth.

    You have to make the time.

    Once you’ve carved out the time, it needs to be fiercely protected.

    Then you must show up and make the most of that time.

    Not spend that precious time scrolling your feed or getting overwhelmed by all the things you could do.

    You deserve it, and your business needs it.

    So…are you ready?

    If you’re still on the fence, just send me an email and let me know what’s holding you back and I’ll let you know if I think you’re a good fit or not since Action Hero Society isn’t right for everyone.

    I can’t wait to help you become a business action hero!