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Group Programs

Small and curated. 

Real results happen when like-minded people come together with similar goals and take action together.

Get ready to go from the land of overwhelm and lacklustre success to greater freedom, flexibility, peace and profit.

I’m Mariana.
Let’s get started.

There are a lot of courses, downloads, programs, and webinars that you could choose, so why join me? Great question.

There is a lot of “how-to” content out there, but what is missing is the “why” and “what.”

What does that have to do with you? Another good question.

Time for a little tough love. If you could do it on your own, you’d already be cozied up with your business and living a life other people envy. 

I’m assuming that isn’t case since you’re reading this.

What does that mean?

It means you’re ready to stop working in a business that doesn’t feel good and create one that feels great (hello impact and profits), plus fuels a life you love.

Client 💖

“Mariana helped me narrow down my ideas and focus on the right thing aka the one thing that will have the biggest impact on hitting whatever goal I’m chasing.”

Yes, you’ve been my go-to person to tame the chaos that’s going on in my brain. I get overwhelmed by the many things I could do and you have talked me off the ledge many a time.

You helped me get clarity on the best decisions for my business when it felt like my life was being tossed around in a blender. You’ve got a wealth of experience and expertise and you’ve been so generous with it.

Business Success Sweetener

A 12-Week Group Intensive

Get access to a strategic brain (Mine🧠) and support as we work on taking your business from something you “do” to something that feels amazing.

Sweeten your “okay” business, to create a business that supports you and your life (aka family, self-care, pets community, bank account 💲), even if your business is more sour than sweet right now.

You know how to do what you do, whether it’s copywriting, accounting or coaching. You have clients and some revenue, but business feels like a slog.

People may look at you and think you’re successful, but deep down you don’t feel it.

Imagine enjoying your business and shifting out of survival mode to THRIVE.

Wait. We both know a design is great, but taking action is what really moves the needle.

Without guidance and accountability, it’s too easy to fall back into old patterns.

That’s why this program goes beyond the why and what, with ongoing support as you roll up your sleeves for the DOING.

Business is a journey and for 6-months you’ll move forward with a small group of like-minded business owners and there-when-you-need-it business strategy and support.

Coming soon!

Your Other Options

Not sure if a group program is right for you?

It’s all about finding the best fit for you, so check out these other options or Book a Fitting Call.

The All-You Option

One on One



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