Ready to have a business that feels like your favorite pair of jeans?

(So cozy you want to buy a pair in every color.)

“I’ve been able to prioritize what matters most, say no to that which doesn’t without guilt, and operate my business with much less stress than I ever have in the past.”

Sara Frandina conversion copywriter.

Having Mariana in your corner is like having a second brain on your side at all times.

Not only is she a trusty confidante whom I can bring anything to, but her strategic brain always offers both the necessary questions to rightfully challenge what I’m thinking, as well as the whip-smart insights and resources I need to move forward. (And never without a pun or analogy that’s sure to make me smile, no matter the situation.)

Since working with her both in a group + 1:1 setting, I’ve been able to prioritize what matters most, say no to that which doesn’t without guilt, and operate my business with much less stress than I ever have in the past.

Sara Frandina
Conversion Copywriter & Voice of Customer Expert

Success Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

Revenue goals, business models, products, online, offline…phew.

Too often we end up in a business that we tie ourselves into knots to fit into or we adjust life to fit the business.

That’s backwards.

We ought to be designing a business that fits the vision of the life you’re trying to create.

Wouldn’t that be sweet? 🍭

How Does Your Business Feel?

Too Tight

You want a business that will give you freedom, flexibility, peace and profit, but you feel like you’re stuck in a zero-sum game.

Even though you are making some money, it isn’t enough or worse you’re feeling the burden of money spent without return. << No Shame. It happens to most of us.

Alterations Needed

You’re hitting some figures and from the outside, you look like you’ve got your poop in a group.

However, you hope nobody looks too closely. 💩

Sure, getting started is tough, but once you get going it can feel like you aren’t in control or you’re heading in an unknown direction.

Could Be Better 

Business is feeling pretty good, but life and biz aren’t playing nice together.

Does it feel like your business is running you lately?

It could be a lack of time for self-care or you feel like the important people in your life need more quality time with you.

Forget balance; you’d settle for a little peace and harmony.

Stop Trying To Fit Into Someone Else’s Business

  • ❌ Stop investing in programs, courses or coaching to bandaid problems that require serious solutions
  • ❌ Stop trying to squeeze yourself into the frameworks or processes that aren’t the right fit for you
  • ❌ Stop doing all the shoulds or trying to replicate the success of others
  • Get clear on what YOUR successful business looks like
  • Map out the path to growing a business you love, without sacrificing your wellness, relationships or going into debt
  • Take confident and purposeful action for intentional business growth

It’s Your Business

Create Your Dream-Fit Business So That You Can Have:





(sounds dreamy doesn’t it)

Mariana helped me clarify my goals, create a kick-ass strategy, and then IMPLEMENT it!

And now my business has more organic traffic, more high-quality leads, and more of the types of clients that I want coming to me.

Cassa Grant

Brand Strategist

Ready For Your Dream-Fit Business?

Let’s get started and get you on the path to Success on Purpose so that you can experience the freedom, flexibility, income and impact you have been searching for.

I’m passionate about creating down-to-earth, high-touch premium experiences. 

Since I’m all about finding your best fit, there are two options for you.

Option A – One-on-One

US$3750 or US$1500 x 3

Here’s what is included:

  • 3-months of tailormade business strategy, and support
  • 90-minute Kick-Off session (we’ll dive right in with this deep session and don’t worry, it’ll be fun)
  • Weekly 45-minute 1:1 virtual sessions (11 total)
  • Voxer & email support between sessions (so you have access to support and strategy for you and your business when you need it)

Option B – Group Intensive

US$2175 (Payment plans available)

Join a small group of business builders as you examine the business you have and move to create your dream-fit business.

I run this 2-day intensive a few times throughout the year.

Click here to get on the waitlist.

If you have a new(ish) business, check out Success from the Start.

Everything starts with coffee and conversation.

Have a Quick Question First?

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