An Intimate Business Mastermind for Service-Based Entrepreneurs in the Marketing Space

Tired of sitting at a table for one?

Tired of distraction-riddled groups that leave you frustrated or deflated?

Ready to get out of the shallow end and go DEEP?

Grow Your Business Your Way

You’ve seen the other courses, programs and masterminds, but were left wanting more.

Mega-Minds is more.

It is a safe space to work on your business in a high-touch, big-hearted collective with people who are just as invested in helping you create success on purpose as they are in theirs.

It’s structured specifically to support you as you take action and make progress.

A dedicated space to intentionally build a business that’s sustainable, profitable and is the perfect fit for YOU.

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Mega-Minds is a not-so-secret mastermind of good humans building great businesses

Client Success Story

Master mindset coach Linda Perry.

Mariana’s coaching in Mega-Minds comes with a whole other level of intention.

She creates environments where you’re benefiting from the group dynamic but you’re also getting very personalized coaching that’s unique to your specific situation.”

Linda Perry
Master Mindset Coach & Business Growth Strategist

    Mega-Minds Creates Consistent Progress Toward a Profitable & Sustainable Business You Love 💖

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    Mega-Minds Is Right for You If:

    • You’ve been in business for 3+ years
    • You’re ready to stop trying to do all the things and focus on the things to reach your next level
    • You’re ready to take intentional action to create success on purpose
    • You’re serious about your business but ready to have some fun along the way
    • You’re invested in being part of creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive group based on open respectful dialogue

    “…combination of cutting edge strategy with compassion and kindness.”

    Eman Zabi
    The Scribesmith, Terrain

    Balancing business poop.

    Mega-minds Is the Cure for the Common Mastermind

    A small group means you connect with a core group of good humans that you can be real with (real with the wins and the struggles).

    The group is intentionally structured to keep distractions and shiny objects at bay.

    Mega-Minds is based on a “you do you” philosophy tied together with support, strategy and accountability.

    The curated small group also means you won’t get lost in the crowd. You matter. Your business matters.

    Lastly, I’m a bit of a goofball so that keeps things interesting.

    🧠 Mega-Minds 🧠

    Business coaching for service entrepreneurs

    Weekly Power Hour (60 min Zoom coworking call): Dedicated time carved out weekly to work on your business with the Mega-Minds Crew.


    Private 100% Y-O-U Session: A monthly 60-minute 1:1 call of roadblock busting, growth strategy, support or brainstorming that’s focused on you and your business.


    Quarterly Group Party: Full-Day virtual event with business reflection, planning and spotlights. 


    Monthly Mega-Minds Circle: Once a month 90-minute call to connect, check-in, support and cheer each other on. The small group ensures everyone has the time to share.


    Lifeline Calls: Things come up and not always when we have a 1:1 scheduled. With these additional calls, you can book as needed for brainstorming, strategy or support to help move your business forward.


    On-going Support: Access to the Mega-Minds Slack channel to stay connected with the group between calls.


    Small Group: The 8 people cap means you won’t get lost in the crowd.

    Ready To Explore Mega-Minds?

    Fitting call? I’m just as invested in making sure this is a good fit for you as I am with ensuring you’re a good fit for this crew. I’m less concerned with filling the group than I am about finding the right people. I also want you to feel 100% confident about joining this group. 

    These are a zero-pressure preliminary conversation. A mastermind is a commitment and I’m all about intentional, purposeful action. No hype, FOMO, false scarcity or borrow money to buy in tactics here.

    What are you waiting for?

    This is a no-pressure opportunity to get answers and apply for a spot at the Mega-Minds table.

    I raised prices with existing clients in a way that aligns with both the value I provide and the support I want my clients to feel.

    Group of kids dressed as action hero.

    Mega-Minds is the mastermind I didn’t know I needed.

    It’s an intentionally small group of incredible humans building businesses out of integrity.

    Mariana not only knows how to bring phenomenal humans together; she knows how to support them. There’s nothing I can’t bring to her.

    I am so grateful for the questions asked, ideas brainstormed, and feedback given both in the group and in each and every 1:1 with Mariana.

      Have a Quick Question First?

      I get that you may not be ready to jump on a call. Maybe you want to take me up on talking to a current Mega-Minds Member or have a burning question.

      No worries. Shoot me a note.