The Purposeful Entrepreneur

Business Strategy & Support On-Call

A personalized one-on-one accountability solution that supports progress and creates results.

Does your business need a little 💖?

You don’t need somebody breathing down your neck, but know that you need some support to move your business forward.

Focus and motivation have been a struggle, but your desire to do great work and grow your business runs deeps.

You get stuck or overwhelmed in the “doing.” Help keeping forward momentum and support when you need it would make all the difference.

Get-It-Done One-on-One

30 Days of Strategy, Accountability & Support

Ditch the icky feelings you’re carrying around about your business for the sweet feeling of progress and results.

This one-on-one solution is perfect for the busy business owner who prefers to work at their own pace without weekly calls.

You’re ready to confidently take intentional action in your business that moves you closer to your bigger vision of success.

With this 30-day focused engagement, you’ll be supported along the way and have access to over 20 years of business and marketing expertise.

Ready to get started?


A Get-It-Done One-on-One will help you take a business growth project from “plan to do” to complete with consistent strides.

Here’s what to expect:

Prep-Work. You’ll work through a resource to help you focus in on the area(s) of your business that need attention. This is a valuable exercise that provides a high-level view of your business.

Clarity. We’ll meet on Zoom for a 45 min session to chat about your business and define your to-do for our time together. We’ll also map out your roadmap to completion.

With 30-days of Voxer access, you’ll have strategy, accountability and support when you need it.

Action. You’ll put the roadmap to completion into effect, but you won’t be alone. We’ll be walking down the road side-by-side which means if you get stuck, we’ll find a way to get you moving again. If you hit a bump or slam up against an obstacle, we’ll work through it together. 

Wrap-Up. We’ll meet on Zoom for a 45-min session to review and celebrate. Taking stock and setting you up to continue taking consistent action.

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